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Industries We Serve
 Petroleum Refineries
Petroleum RefineriesWe offer a wide range of products for usages and applications in petroleum refineries. Our pipes & tubes, butt weld fittings, forged pipe fittings, olets, flanges, plates, sheets, round bars and fabrications are widely used to deliver consistent performance, quality and reliability in very demanding operational environments.

Some of the special features, which make our products highly popular for usages in petroleum refineries include chemical resistance, high compressive strength (essential in high pressures), fire safety, aging resistance, thermal resistance, blowing resistance and high diffusive leak tightness.

While designing our products, we take special care to ensure that:
  • They are easy to assemble and install Require less maintenance
  • Match prescribed safety standards

This industry is highly dependent on automated mechanical & electronic processes and hence we utilize the best process techniques such as computer-aided designing and extensive performance testing for usages in various critical applications. We have adopted stringent quality control tests and processes to ensure the delivery of only superior quality, high performance and safe products for our clients.
 Electric Power
Electric PowerOur range of products have found various usages and applications in the electricity and power generation sector. The steel pipes & tubes, customized fabrications, butt weld fittings, flanges, forged pipe fittings, sheets and plates are widely used for different applications in industry due to their special characteristics such as high performance, durability, high compressive strength, tensile strength and more.

The process and instrumentation components for electric power sector should feature functional ability to solve static and dynamic operational problems, reduce plant downtime, improve operational safety and enhance operational efficiency.

We also cater to the semiconductor requirements of the industry and focus on developing, manufacturing, and supporting the semiconductor industry with our remarkable range of high-quality and utility products. Our products are used in the manufacturing of semiconductors, computers, monitors, and other electronic devices.

A key industrial sector, Electric Power serves the basic requirement for all the industries. The key drivers of growth for this industry are constant innovation and development of components to achieve excellence in operational performances of the equipment and machinery to meet the ever increasing demands of the various industries. Understanding the various requirements of this industry, we, at SHREE KALPATARU METAL CO., are committed to serve this industry by providing high performance and quality products.

Food Processing Plants
Food Processing PlantsWe, at SHREE KALPATARU METAL CO. manufacture and supply a wide range of products for usages and applications in food processing plants. Known for their superior performance, utility and durability, our products are widely used the industry. Some of these products include pipe & tubes, butt weld fittings, sheets, plates, fasteners, fabrications and more.

These products are designed and manufactured to meet the various production requirement, thereby ensuring the flawless in order to deliver optimum performance and quality output. We specialize in designing customized machines for processing plants of a particular food type. We also provide excellent installation facility and after sale services to the companies we serve.

Safety and purity are some of the key elements, which have a significant effect on the food and beverages sector. Strict quality tests are involved at different stages of product development and the machines used in this industry are checked for performance more than in any other industry. This is particularly obvious in relation to the standards introduced by different national and industrial industrial bodies. SHREE KALPATARU METAL CO. serves this industry as a reliable service provider adhering to the global quality standards and parameters.
Nuclear Industries

Nuclear IndustriesThis sector is still in its nascent stage but the future belongs to this industry for sure. Future energy and power requirements are highly dependent on nuclear industry and "safety" is the most important factor that determines the authenticity of the products used in this industry.

Companies operating in the Nuclear power sector are primarily driven by technical innovation, adaptability to new techniques and consistent safety concerns. The industrial components required by these companies should feature suitability against high temperature duties and should also possess the ability to resist abrasive environmental conditions and the retention of essential lubricants, which flow through them. Our products are specially designed to meet the requirements of this industry.

Our products, which are used in the various applications of nuclear energy and power sector include steel pipes & tubes, sheets, plates, flanges, forged pipe fittings, fabrications, olets and butt weld fittings. We specialize in customizing our products as various industrial set up varies in installation procedures.

Pharmaceutical Plants
Pharmaceutical PlantsSHREE KALPATARU METAL CO. is a prominent name among suppliers of a comprehensive range of products for applications in pharmaceutical plants. We offer products that ensure improvement in operational efficiency, reliability and durability, which are thoroughly tested and pass through rigorous quality checks to ensure long hassle-free service.

Critical to several lifesaving medical devices and scientific instruments, our products are widely used for pathogen detection and drug discovery in the the industry. All our products are designed for easy cleaning and efficient draining applications. Tested for quality and safety, our products are easy to sterilize.

The pharmaceutical industry is a sector, which is engaged in regular research programs of which laboratories are an integral part. All the laboratories require high quality steel pipes, tubes and fittings, which ensure smooth and streamline operation and hassle-free performance. Infrastructure for research and development activities could be classified into two categories.
  • Infrastructure for funding R&D
  • Infrastructure for undertaking R&D

Our products, which are used in the production applications of pharmaceutical plants and research and development activities include steel pipes and tubes, butt weld fittings, forged pipe fittings, flanges, plate, sheets, fabrications, forged pipe fittings and more.
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